Traditional village tour is the tour to explore the unique culture, art, and architecture of Batuan village. Batuan Village is a semi social activity which is developed related to sustainable tourism concept. The tourist attraction offered is referring to the potential recourses of the village itself, both natural and human recourses. Through this alternative tourism will do hope elevate both local skill as well as economic scale of the village.

A local people name I Komang Puriana, or people call him Komang with his wide range experiences in tourism industry especially in travel and hotel business field, stand as volunteer in developing this unusual tourist attraction.. Bali villages are a unique aspect of traditional Balinese life that remains today. A fascinating part of Bali’s culture, most Bali villages are located outside the main tourist areas however there are a couple of tours available that will take you through some of the local villages. Bali villages are designed around the principal of balance, where humanity and nature meet in harmony.

Bali villages are known as desas and are located both on the wetlands of the rice paddies and the dry land of gardens, compounds, roads and temples. Most Bali villages are home to 3 village temples, known as kahyangan tigas and each focuses on a symbolic aspect of life: origin – pura puseh (navel temple), pura desa (territory) and pura dalem (temple of the dead). Temples are extremely important when it comes to local rituals and ceremonies

Bali villages operate on their own unique social structure with utmost respect shown to traditional village headmen as well as the village committees who make major decisions. Although traditional Bali villages tend to prefer to operate in privacy, some that are located closer to the major tourist centers allow visitors into the village to learn about the local way of life, see the way native Balinese people live and to observe traditional ceremonies, learn and practice for making Balinese offering that we called canning sari., and some kind of the art like silver Jewelry, wood carving or traditional Painting, visitor will joining with the local artist to make the arts which is designed and made by themselves, so at the end of this program they can have one piece of art to take it home.  and the lunch will be served  in traditional Balinese House compound and hosted by the artisan family with authentic Balinese food, By joining with this program you already help and support the local live also keep this tradition still live. and   this tour For an insight into the culture of ‘real’ Bali, a visit to a traditional Bali village will complete your authentic Bali experience.